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Muzzleloader Bullets from R & P Muzzleloading

R & P Muzzleloading History
R & P Muzzleloading (formerly called Bpbullets) was started in August 2003. R & P Muzzleloading is family owned and operated. It was founded on the principles of offering the best muzzleloader bullets made and to treat every visitor as a friend and fellow shooter, and help them in any way possible to get the most out of their sport. This means caring about things like: prompt delivery of orders and thoroughly answering all questions with the most up to date information possible. If I don't know the answer to a question I find out and get back to those who have honored me by taking the time to ask in the first place.
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Shooting or hunting with blackpowder bullets is a very popular sport these days. To say shooting black powder bullets has improved over the years is an understatement. As the quest for an extended range blackpowder bullet continues, the Precision Rifle bullets offered by R and P Muzzleloading are an example of just how far black powder bullets have come. R and P Muzzleloading also contains informative material and many muzzleloader accessories designed to improve your muzzleloading shooting experience and accuracy with your muzzle loader rifle. Click here to visit our home page.

Muzzleloader rifles have improved, shouldn't your muzzleloader bullets keep pace with them? If you have come to accept the typical 4 inch group at 100 yards for hunting with black powder then you owe it to yourself to consider the sub minute of angle (MOA) groups possible with the Precision Rifle muzzleloader bullets. This includes the Dead Center muzzleloader bullets , QT_muzzleloader_bullets, Extreme Elite muzzleloader bullets , Keith Nose HP muzzleloader bullets , and the unique Dead Center Duplex sabot muzzleloader bullets , which are designed to cause you to hit dead center every time. Randy Wakeman declares the Dead Center muzzleloader bullets the bullet of the year .

There are things you as a black powder shooter can do to help improve the accuracy of your muzzleloader and cause it to hit dead center. Consistency is the name of the game. Here is a link to some helpful tips that might help you to shrink that group a little: A muzzleloader accuracy solution that works .

An avid hunter myself, I can appreciate those who love and respect the outdoors and the animals they pursue. That is another reason I have chosen these particular bullets to offer on this site. You see I had already used these bullets for a few years before starting this endeavor. I still use them. These are to muzzleloader hunting as Titleist Golf Balls are to golf. More golf tournaments are won by Titleist golf balls than any other (in case you are wondering, in the off season, I do golf). A quality product will eventually find its way to the top in any sport. Sure lots of people use other golf balls, but the top golfers use only the best quality golf balls. In my opinion, these muzzleloading bullets are the best, bar none. I'm really not much of a business person, but I do know that when something comes along that is this special, people need to hear about it. I tried at first to talk the owner of one of my favorite sporting goods stores into carrying these bullets, but they wouldn't give me the time of day. Well business person on not, I took it upon myself to spread the news about these marvelous bullets. And what better way than the Internet.
It took me a while, but eventually with a little bit of work I began putting this little site together and the response has been more than I ever expected. Thousands of people are visiting my site each month. Many just have a passing interest, others have some very good questions concerning muzzleloading. Many order these bullets to try for the very first time and many are repeat customers.
I am very pleased by all the emails and phone calls I get, telling me just how much people appreciate the way the bullets and other products I send them work and how much the information they receive from me, helps them improve their shooting. All those I have heard from that have shot these bullets have praised how accurate these bullet shoot and some have told me first hand how they humanely harvested their deer with them. I have to laugh each time someone tells me "You know those bullets shot just as good as your site said they would!"
My intention is to continue to provide a quality product and service to all who visit my site and maybe with the help of God, a little more.

Muzzleloader Bullets, Supplies & Accessories

R&P Muzzleloading offers all the supplies you need to enjoy your muzzleloader on the hunting trail or as a part of official competitions around the country. The antiquated style of gun has a great deal of enthusiasts and fanatics across America who like to experience gunplay the way their ancestors did. We offer our customers plenty of black powder gun supplies from top brand names and other muzzleloader accessories, including powder flasks, breech plugs and more. We proudly offer bullets, accessories and products from Precision Rifle, Barnes, Thompson Center, Hornady, Knight, CVA, Caldwell, Remington 700 ML and Ruger 77/50.

We carry a lot of excellent muzzleloading bullets and supplies and we know it can be hard to know which muzzleloading bullets and accessories to get for someone else. So we are now offering a great solution to this problem. Why don't you give them a gift card and allow them to pick exactly what they need at their convenience. Just click on the image below to start this process.

Muzzleloader Supplies

For those who are unfamiliar, the term “muzzleloader” refers to any firearm where the bullet and propellant charge is loaded from the muzzle or front of the gun. This style of gun has gained a very strong, niche following among hunters and firearm experts since almost dying out entirely by the 1930s.

Today, multiple organizations are devoted to promoting education and friendly competition for those with muzzleloaders. To learn more about our muzzle loading supplies, or for tips on improving your experience, contact us today.

Yes, we offer for sale some of the best muzzleloading bullets and accessories available. But, improving your experience is our most important goal; below are some links to articles that we believe may be helpful to our many friends and visitors.
What bullet should I use? CLICK HERE if you are open to suggestions...
I frequently get asked, which is the best muzzleloading bullet for me to use?
To address this subject we need to establish a few truths. Not every bullet will shoot great in your muzzleloader. There exists a powder and charge for each bullet that will work best for your muzzleloader.
Test Conditions: January 12th, 2003 Temp: -32C Humidity: 53% Pressure: 101.2 kp Altitude: 864 feet above sea level
These words on how to achieve accuracy come from Cecil Epp and I have put them to the test and found that following exactly the method he uses to achieve tight groups really does make all the difference.
The perfect ignition for inline muzzleloaders and other accurizing tips.
We also raise whitetail deer. Check out some of our deer at R&P Whitetails http://www.widerackwhitetails.com/index.htm. As of 15 Jul 14 we have several bottle-fed whitetail fawns for sale http://www.widerackwhitetails.com/fawns.htm within Oklahoma only. We will also be offering some hunts for trophy whitetails, as well as, management bucks and some doe hunts.http://www.widerackwhitetails.com/trophy_whitetail_hunting.htm

Below are hyperlinked thumbnail pictures of some of the trophy bucks in our hunting preserve.

Nice wide tipical 6 by 5 Wide rack 6x5nice 5x6 buckHigh 6 by 6
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