Emails from Satisfied Customers
Over the years we have happily received a number of emails and phone call testimonials praising our products and service. Just thought i would share some with anyone who has some time to kill.


I don’t know if you remember but last year you sold me the Extreme Elite bullet for my Thunderhawk, made by TC Arms, and I was having trouble with the accuracy until you gave me some suggestions on powder amounts, which made all the difference for the combination that I was shooting.

I am proud to say that it worked perfect when it needed to most for me, I shot this elk on the third day of a special permit hunt at 98 yards at a very steep angle, the elk only went about 8 yards before expiring (click picture to enlarge). I would suggest these bullets to anyone who enjoys muzzle loading.

Thanks again Dave Allen.

Hi Ray,

This deer I recently took during muzzleloader season using a CVA 50. cal inline using your .25 ACP breech plug system. The bullet was a 245gr.Barnes spitfire. Powder charge was 3 - 50gr Pyrodex pellets. The shot was 192 yards with the bullet traveling through both lungs and between the ribs. (No Bone contact) After firing the shot which was over the backs of two does to hit the buck, which was a 8" inch window over the does. The buck ran 175 yards before falling over dead in a thicket. I was only able to find 3 drops of blood of about the size of the end of a "Q" tip. Needless to say, tracking was somewhat awful being no snow on the ground. His hoof track is basically all I had to go by. After 15 minutes of tracking I found the deer piled up in the nearby thicket where I saw him run too. He bled out entirely inside his chest cavity. The exit wound was exactly the size of the entrance wound (no expansion at all).
Basically like shooting a full metal jacket. Nice sweet long range with the Barnes spitfire but poor expansion of the bullet. Still an awesome shot for any gun. But I do love the ease of a good blood trail.

As for the .25 ACP system, It rocks!! At 200 yards and 150gr Pyrodex pellets and bench rested I am placing minus 3"inch groups 6"inches low. At 125 yards I am 2"inches high cutting bullet for bullet and swabbing with a spit patch on all shots. Never to return to the 209 system. Next year I will try another style of bullet. The Barnes tipped MZ with its large hollow point looks like possibility or Hornady's new SST.

Have a nice and Happy new year Ray!

Thanks so much for the time you spent with me on the phone answering all my questions. The other day I finally got the time to shoot and try out the new VariFlame Primer Adapters. All I can say is wow it is the first time I shot like this with a muzzle loader at 100 yards. My hunting buddies can't believe it as well. These bullets (Dead Center 200 grain) are the real deal also the powder flask really works great and makes it simple to make your loads. I will be calling in another order real soon. Thanks again and good shooting. I am enclosing a picture of a group I shot. Click image to enlarge it.

Thanks, Frank Tansley
Beachwood NJ

Ray Just wanted to tell you I received the super rat. Went to the range today and started playing with different bullets. Started with No excuse 460 grain. Shot OK. Before I went home I tried your QT 300 grain 44 cal bullet. Loaded them into Gonic sabots that measure.500. Shot 90 grain of 777. Group at 50 yds was 3/4" all bullets touching, no paper in between. Group was shot on 3x scope setting. Seemed to kick less than 460 conicals. Still need to try different grains of 777. But very happy. Still need to shoot Dead Centers. Will Dead Centers and QT's shoot the same if they are both 300 grain .44 cal bullets.

Bill Lynch

Hello Ray,

Well the time on the shooting range with different loads and bullets paid off. With your help I had settled on a 235 grain QT bullet and a 120 grain charge of Triple Seven FFG powder. I felt this was the best combination for Manitoba deer hunt where I might have a close shot or one out to 200 yards. Luckily it was close, 32 yards, but a straight on shot into his chest. The QT did the job and the buck went right down. The bullet was found under his skin along his side and had expanded well as the photos show. Thanks for helping me make this a successful hunt! I was hunting with Sugarloaf Outfitting in Grandview, Manitoba.

My buck did go right down, he did some kicking but never got up. I was a little surprised because the bullet never hit any parts of the shoulders or legs. I think it was the shock of the bullet that kept him down until he died from the loss of blood - certainly less than a minute, maybe 30 seconds. I was reloading and watching him; just in case another shot was needed.

I was using a Winchester X-150 with which I'm very satisfied. My son was along and was hunting with an that we converted to the 25 ACP brass/primer. He saw a monster but couldn't get a shot. I'll start hunting with that rifle here in CT next week; there's a big one here I'd like to get with it (see my game camera photo attached).

The weight of the deer by the outfitters scale was 200 lbs live weight but I have to believe it was more than that based on other deer I've gotten. He certainly isn't the "monster" Canadian whitetail that some hunters get but the hunting was tough and I'm very satisfied with the buck. I actually tracked him in the soft snow and called him back to me with rattling/grunting.

Best regards, Don Greene

Ray, I just wanted to thank you for all the helpful advice and excellent products which lead to a successful November bull elk hunt in Arizona. The .25 ACP breech-plug conversion for my TC Encore resulted in flawless performance. The 340 grain Dead Center sabots shot amazingly accurate at the range and did a real number on the 5x5 bull elk I shot outside of Flagstaff. This set-up makes an outstanding elk gun and I'd be comfortable shooting any animal in North America with it. Your thoughtful advice in getting everything assembled is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to use my testimonial on your website. And call me up if you ever make it to Scottsdale. I owe you an elk steak dinner!



Ray, a couple of weeks ago I got some of the 175g Dead Center duplex bullets to use in my muzzleloader. I got the chance to try them out last Friday. I took a nice doe at a range of 50 yards. I had a straight on shot at her looking directly at me. I shot her in the neck and she dropped instantly. The bullet hit the spine and never exited the body (pic 2 right bullet). Tonight I shot my first buck with a muzzleloader. A nice 8 pointer with a pretty heavy rack. I shot him broadside at 70 yards. The bullet entered the shoulder, angled down toward the bottom of the ribs on the far side and stayed inside the hide. The deer went 30 yards(left bullet pic 2). These bullets are excellent. I look forward to seeing what they can do at farther distances. We still have a month of deer season left here in NJ.

Thanks, Erik Smestad

I included a couple of pictures of my deer from '04, in case you needed a picture for your site. I was shooting a .45 Encore with the .25 ACP Breechplug, 105 grains 777 FFFg and a 200 grain D.C. The deer grossed 162 3/8.

Thanks again, and take care,
Matt Epp

Hi Ray- just a quick note to once again endorse the QT .40. I killed two more deer with them in Dec. in New York. I was once again impressed with the accuracy and knock down. More importantly your tips (swabbing, shooting loose instead of pellets, fouling first... etc... ) have really made muzzleloading the most fun I have had hunting, ever! The trusty shotgun will get lots of rest in the future. I plan on shooting all winter, I will place an order soon. Happy New Year-

Pete Johnson- Buffalo New York.

Ray. I have spoken to you on a couple of occasions about your bullets and the magnum bases. Tuesday 11-02-04, I had the privilege to use them on a nice 8 pointer. He fell to the 200gr dead center from 50 yards. Man....what an exit hole. He didn't fall in his tracks but was real easy to trail due to the massive hole. I have found these bullets to be exceptionally accurate and look forward to using them more in the very near future. Thanks for turning me on to such a great bullet!

Jeff Gregory/Chesterfield. Va

Hello from Ft sill, Oklahoma. This is the 6th buck in the past years I have gotten here on this army post. Last year I used your bullets and they performed awesome. Dropped the deer in there tracks. I didn't take any photos. But here are some pics of a buck I got on a mountain top last SAT. during muzzle loader season. It was walking over the crest and weaving through big boulders all I had was a neck shot. I shot it at 50 yards and hit exactly where I was aiming. I am so confident using your bullets. I get awesome groups at 100 and 150 yards. 1IN with the 100 gr 777, 195 gr 357 Duplex's; there so accurate. The buck will score in the 150's and field dressed at 168lbs. Its age 8yrs. So far it is the 2nd biggest buck killed on Ft Sill. All my friends use your bullets and some have gone to other units and posts state side and buy the bullets there too using your web sight. They will have had great success. The shear knock down of these bullets is one of a kind. I have shot everything, all kinds of bullets too. Thanks for a great product. Enjoy the pictures.

Elton (Lee) Jeans

Thought I would send feedback to this Incredible product. This is truly the tightest group I have ever seen from a muzzleloader. Shot 1,2 practically same hole (these 2 shots were from mounting the scope, gun right out of the box which is a .489 group (no bore sighting). The next three shots are truly impressive as well. .713 WOW!! My father was a firearms instructor for our local police dept. and is one of the best shooters I know of, and he as well was very impressed with the accuracy. I am still amazed at the accuracy of the Savage, coupled with the Precision Products. Conditions: Cloudy, 11 mph crosswind, 71 deg. 40/50 260 Gr. Dead center (using the Rat seating tool) 50 cal. Magnum sub-base 44 gr. XMP 5744 65 yds. Brian Nelson Traffic Supervisor City of Clarksville 199 Tenth St. Clarksville TN 37043 Office (931)-645-7464 Nextel 29*51352

Ray, I shot up the bullets today and all I can say is WOW! For the first try, I took my old T/C Renegade, primarily because it is by far the most familiar of my muzzleloaders... Over the years, I tried just about everything imaginable in it... Minnie's, Maxies, sabot this, sabot that, and the ONLY thing it has ever shot well is patched round balls... You could drive nails with them, but any of the sabot or cast bullets open up to around three inches with the occasional flyer.. So, using 80, 90, and 100 grains by volume of 777 FFg I started in my sighting in the scope which turned out to not need any adjustments... After that, and after I had my flinches and jerks out of the way, I got down to business. On the first target, which I actually intended to be a practice target, I fired two rounds each of 80, 90, and 100 grains... It was a one hole group! Backing off to 100 yards, I turned in another three rounds again all holes touching the other... I'll have to scan the targets, but basically, I found no point of impact difference between 80 and 100 grains 777 FFg at 50 yards, and no change in accuracy at 100 yards using 100 grains... This is the very first "bullet" of any kind other than the patched round ball that I have found to shoot in this rifle... If this is any indication at all, the QT is one heck of a great bullet.... I'm totally impressed... I'm going to post this on the forums, and then get the article together for the magazine page...

Dave QUOTE: "Lord, please help me to be just half the man my dog thinks I am"...

D. Robert (Dave) Quick HANDLOADING FOR HUNTING Main Website:
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05/07/04 - 50 cal Omega group at 100 yds is now 1.5" with the dead center-Down from 3+" with Powerbelts
05/08/04 - Clean the barrel after 3 shots-100 grains 777 and a good Nikon scope. I was very disappointed with the performance of the Powerbelts. They were scattered all over the target. The Dead Centers with the double sabot was a welcome relief.
10/23/04 - Finally, something to report about the 195 grain duplex sabot. It was in the mid-80's the 1st few days of the season with no movement at all. Then, the rains came with cooler weather. The duplex performed great. A 156 lb white-tail (remember I am in extreme South Ga.) at 62 yards, it entered the left shoulder, destroying both lungs, then passed completely through the right shoulder and was found under the skin while dressing. The bullet appears to be completely intact. The 195 grain bullet mushroomed very well, measuring 3/4" and appears to have rolled back even with the base. I will see if I can scare up a scale and calipers and give you a little more info. Recover was less than 35 yards, with a good blood trail especially with only an entry wound. A T/C Omega, 100 grains of 777 and especially the DEAD CENTER duplex are an extremely good combination.

Arthur Ambrose

Hi Ray- I finally got a chance to shoot more than paper this past weekend on the Pennsylvania early muzzleloading opener- does only season. I was very impressed with the QT and the job it did on an animal. Truly devastating at 100 yards. The penetration and the way the bullet exited the deer made tracking in yellow and bright red maple leaves (although pretty in the sun) easy because of the amount of blood. Pete

Ray, I thought I would drop you an email to let you know how happy I am with your sabots! I was shooting Powerbelt 275 grain bullets and wasn't happy at all! They dropped like a rock after 150 yards. I have a TC Encore 45 and the Powerbelts were dropping 9 inches from 150 to 200 yards! I shots your sabots (.40 Caliber QT 250 grain) and could not believe it....At 100 yards I was 4 inches high and at 200 it was still 3 inches high. I moved the target out to 250 yards and I was only 4 inches low! I could not believe it! NO "flyers" either! I am going on an Elk hunt in New Mexico in 2 weeks and an extra 100 yards or more range sure will help!


Sid in Georgia

 I received this email on 15 Aug 04 from Frank Langston of Allen TX: The group on the lower left is the Dead Center 240 gr .40/ 50 Cal. behind 37.2 gr of N110.@ 100yds .667 inches. 89 Degrees Sunny 5 mph head wind. 1st shot 2147 fps; 2nd shot 2107 fps; 3rd shot 2066 fps The group above is a 5 shot group of Dead Center 260gr .40/50 cal behind 38 gr of N110. 1st shot 2215 fps; second shot 2201 fps; 3rd shot 2191 fps; 4th shot 2202 fps; 5th shot 2211 fps. The flyer caused this group to be 1 inch. It came on the first shot out of a clean barrel. Shot 2-5 measure .5 inch! This was almost 4 one hole hits. Only 50 shots have been fired through this new Savage. Imagine what it will do when the barrel is broken in!!!!!

Frank Langston
Allen Texas

 I received this email on 14 Aug 04 from Frank Langston of Allen TX: So far my best 3 shot group came with the Dead Center .40 240 gr. 50 cal using 44 gr of AA 5744. 1st shot 1905 fps; 2nd shot 1848 fps; 3rd shot 1840 fps for a 1.58 inch group @ 100yds. I am using a stock Simmons 3x9x40 scope. When the barrel gets broke in the groups will shrink. Cleaning with a saliva patch after 5 rounds will get velocity and grouping more consistent. Click graphic to enlarge.


Hey Ray,

I shot 2 does and a nine point (he shrunk some when he hit the ground) during Iowa's late deer season with Precision bullets. None of them went more than twenty yards, unlike the previous two deer I shot with another brand of bullet. The deer that I double lunged traveled 75 and the one I single lunged/livered went 200+ yards. I like not tracking. I just upgraded to an Austin Halleck 420 from my old Timber Ridge. Do you have any experience with the Austin Hallecks?? What bullet weight/load recommendations can you make to shorten the learning curve??

Thanks, Chris

Hello Ray;

I finally got to shoot the BpBullets, 220 grain only Dead Centers. I loaded 100 grains of Pyrodex (2 pellets) and shot through my Chrony. Muzzle velocity varied 1850 to 1900 fps. I got 2" three shot groups at 100 yards, (actually 110 yards). I don't know why the clubs range was set up like that. I cleaned the bore between each shot. I shot one 3 shot group at 200 yrds, got a 4" spread. Can't do a lot of testing with just 10 bullets. At 200 yds, a 4" group is far and away the best I have ever done with a smoke pole. There was another shooter testing with a Knight Rifle. I don't know the bullet type or powder charge he was loading, but he was shooting 5" groups at 110yds. My Omega seems to perform best with 80 to 85 grains powder charge. I used the two Pyrodex pellets to eliminate errors on my part. I sure wish I could afford your 22 Hornet breech plug. This was not an all out test for accuracy, It was to determine bullet quality, and it is superb.

Bob Spann


The quality of the construction of the product was visually superb, but several things (opening a new business, ect.) has not let me actually test these bullets in my rifle (a Thompson Center Encore).

What really impresses me is the personal interest you took in advising me on how best to work on my accuracy potential.

Thanks, Joe

Hi! Your 220 grain .50 Dead Centers and my Knight Disc Elite performed flawlessly on 2 nice caibou on my Quebec trip to Tuttlik Outfitters off the east coast of Huson's Bay. The weather was windy and rainy and I had no problems at all. I took your bullets since I have found them to shoot the most accurately in my rifle and have a great trajectory up to 200 yards. And believe me, I tried every bullet made! It wasn't necessary to shoot that far, but I was prepared!

Thanks again!

Ken Moist

Hey ray here is a pic of two Delaware bucks that we shot with 200 grain dead centers in a 50 cal. with 110gr of pyrodex. We love these bullets and won't shoot anythng else..




Let me put it this way to portray my satisfaction with my order. I can't load, shoot and clean my rifle for next round as fast as I received the shipment from you. The bullets are very well built and the sabots fit according to caliber of bullet also. The dead center bullets I order needed to be bumped up in weight along with the QT bullets. Now on the other hand the extreme 330 gr. shoot like one inch groups with 150 gr. of 777 ffg powder. I've shot those up, already, in one setting to see what powder weight shoots best. I think something like a seventy five or one hundred pack would be nice, but pricey I bet. Thank you for your service and your follow up on the order.


Dear Cecil, a product testimony:

I discovered the precision rifle bullet in 2002 after trying at least five other top manufactures of muzzleloader bullets (Remington, Hornady, T/C, etc.). I had come to accept the typical 4" (3) shot group @ 100yds with peep sights (scopes not legal in my state of Idaho) as normal for modern muzzleloaders. When I began reading about subminute of angle groups with prbullets, I was skeptical but curious enough to place an order of Dead Center 50/45 bullets. Immediately my accuracy improved but I was closer to 2.5" than an 1". Rather than stop there, I gave prbullet a call. Working with Cecil, I was soon shooting groups that averaged 1.5" with the best being .75" (with the rare 3" because of a flyer). I had improved my accuracy 250%! The next test came a month later during hunting season. I took a 160 pound mule deer doe at 80 yards. The shot was head on and when the smoke cleared, I saw the deer racing downhill kicking her back legs wildly. She piled up 25 yards later. Upon cleaning the deer, I found the entrance wound at the base of her neck between her front shoulders. The bullet took the heart and then broke every rib from that point back. I found the bullet lodged against the pelvis (over 3 feet of penetration!) Upon weighing the bullet, it still weighed 264 grains- it had retained 88% of its original weight after hitting all that bone. To say the least, I am very happy that I found the Precision Rifle bullet and was thankful for all the technical help that the company gave. Their products are what they say they are.

Sincerely, a customer for life, Robby Denning, hunter and outdoor writer. * Rifle was a 50 cal Kahnke in 24" moly barrel

Love your product. Both of these deer were shot with QT Polymer Tip 275 gr. Both deer went straight down with zero yards to recovery. Last years deer (2001) was my son's first hunt. Keep up the good work!!!

Dean Iwanoczko

Just wanted ya'll to know that your bullets work great this is my business and hunting partner with a 155" buck taken with a 45 caliber Encore and I sending another picture with me and a 145" 9 point(my first muzzleloader kill) taken with a 200 grain dead center. Thanks for all ya'll help with the loads and all the other information we got. I can truly tell my customers to use your bullets.
Ronnie Cannon - Oxford, Ms. HOLE-IN-THE-HIDE OUTFITTERS

Dear Sirs,

I would like to take this time to thank you for a fantastic product. On November 12, 2002 I made the most efficient humane kill ever with a muzzleloader. The result was a nine point buck with a 20 inch inside spread. The buck weighed 163 lbs. I dropped him with your dead center 45 caliber 240 gr. right in his tracks. I am shooting a nickel size group at 100 yards with a Thompson Center Encore and a 100 gr. of triple seven and your dead center sabots. This is a great combination that I plan to use over and over again. Again Thank you for our product and I look forward to seeing what you have to offer in the future.

Michael K. Williams


I am very impressed with your QT bullets. My wife had a great deer hunting season this year, and your QT 240 gr. bullet had a lot to do with it. The down range accuracy even with a old TC Hawkins 1 in 48 twist rifle, is the best we have ever used. Attached are some pictures

Roger & Sharon Conrath

Our deer season is over in Indiana. I, along with three other hunters shot bullets made by Precision Rifle. Two of the hunters are members of this board. We killed a total of 12 deer among the four us, including two mature bucks. Two of us shot 450 grain, .50/.54 sabots. We killed 9 deer. 6 of them had 0 yards to recovery. 2 went 15 yards and the mature 8 point went about 35 yards. I hit the 8 at 60 yards with a perfect double lung shot. He was the one to go 35 yards. Two guys killed the other three with 360 grain, .45/50 sabots. All three of them were 0 yards to recovery and one was a mature 5 pointer. ALL had exit wounds. All had HUGE blood. Two of the three that ran died within sight of the shooter and the one that did not just made it into the brush and I heard him thrashing for just a second or two. Overall, I have to give the bullets a huge, major, glowing endorsement. They do what I want them to do. I was never a fan of delivering a lot of energy into the deer. A hole straight through was sufficient for me, but... as long as I get an exit wound I am happy, and there is something to be said for getting the best of both worlds. I like seeing the deer drop. And I think that it is very humane as well. None of the 12 deer lasted more than about 5 seconds. PR bullet has a web site. If you call to order bullets, tell Cecil that you heard about them from me. He might send me another hat!

John T. Lowe


I would like to congratulate you on making /designing/marketing an amazing product. I would never have believed that a muzzle loader could be so accurate and so powerful at long range. On Thursday this week my best friend Frank of Springville Springers shot a ten point white tail buck at two hundred and forty one yards!!!! The three hundred grain dead center smashed and disabled one shoulder and punched through an off side rib. Your Dead Center bullets even get rid of the dreaded loading wrestling match of shoving the bullet down the bore. The Savage smokeless powder rifles and your Dead Center bullets are a match made in heaven. To my knowledge there is no better combination for muzzle loaders. After shooting paper and game I am wondering what the limits are of this super accurate and powerful combination. I keep checking your web site for updates on your exterior ballistics of your three hundred grain 45 caliber Dead Center bullets for 50 caliber rifles. Please publish them. I am starting to day dream about next years muzzle loading season here in Ontario and maybe a muzzle loading elk hunt in New Mexico next year. I am still shaking my head at the ability of these smokeless powder rifles using your bullets. And NO I do not work for Savage or the hunting or firearm industry ( I wish I did!)

Regards Don Katsumi
ps: TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY ONE YARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To whom it may concern,

I realize a great deal of time and effort went into making the Dead Center .45 "round". I am here to say that it performs flawlessly on whitetail deer. On opening morning, Monday Dec. 02, 2002, (Ohio) I shot a nice eight point and was astonished at the way the bullet performed. I was using a CVA Eclipse .45, Triple 7 powder, Winchester primer, and your Dead Center. I shot the Buck at about 50 yards from an elevated stand and the Buck performed a 15 yard 'death dance' before he made two complete circles and fell stiff. I was amazed at the impact and the reaction of the deer since he damn there made a back flip when shot. Even though on this occasion the bullet did not make a complete pass through the animal, the hole inside the deer cavity behind the left front shoulder was about as big as a softball. I have yet to skin the deer out, and I believe the bullet is either wedged in between the muscle and the hide or in the right shoulder blade. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication in making such a wonderful muzzleloading projectile. It makes the hunt all that much better when a person can make a fast and humane kill. Good luck in future endeavors and I know you have a customer for life.

Your hunting buddy, Tom Moses

To Everyone,

I bought my first bullets from you many years ago at a trade show, I've shot nothing else since. The accuracy and performance is unparalleled by any of your competition. As a professional big game hunter your bullets have proved themselves many times over ( To the delight of my taxidermist.) This year proved to be another success. I harvested this beautiful eight pointer at 108 yds. with a 300 grain silver lightning on the last day of Minnesota deer season. (See attached file: 2002 Whitetail Buck.bmp)

Thanks, And good hunting.
Gregory S. Maros


AM I IMPRESSED!!! I received the new barrel(1:30) for my .45 Knight and went to the range yesterday. I was using the .357 Dead Center sabot with 3 50 gr. pellets. After about 6 shots I had it on target. I then preceded to shoot a 2" group @ 100 yard dead center. Two shots were touching and the third was off (I may have pulled). I then moved the target to 200 yards and shot a 1 1/2" 3 shot group that only had a 3" drop! I can't wait for dear season! If you want I can send you a copy of the target.
Thanks for all of your help and for making such a great bullet.
Jim Poock

I just want to say thanks for making the best bullets around. Attached is a picture of a deer I harvested on my Great Uncles farm in Minnesota November 16, 2002 using a Dead Center 175g in My Knight 45 Disc Extreme pushed with 110g of 777 fff. The deer was at 160 yards walking. The shot was a pass through which hit both lungs, he traveled about 50 yards and tipped over dead. This is the third deer I've shot with these bullets and all three went less than 50 yards with great blood trails.

Thanks again,
Brett Vegoe


I have enjoyed shooting your bullets, I have purchased 300 of your Dead Center .40 cal 200 grain for my T/C Encore, very nice. I have also shot approx 200 of your QT .40 cal 250 .44 cal. Wonderful expansion on recovered bullets. I am currently working with your .40 250 grain QT, but due to Indiana law I must use a .44 cal bullet. I have now shot 150 rounds through my T/C Encore and 100 rounds with my new Omega. Enclosed is the group I attained from my Encore after using your loading and "spit patching" procedure. To say the least I am pleased. Currently the Omega is being zeroed in at 200 yards. Using 130 grains of Triple 7 and attaining 2.0 to 2.5 inch groups. I tell everyone about your product! Thanks for all the good work. Looking forward to your ballistics on the Dead Center 260 grain.

Thanks again!
Todd Wiedell

Just wanted to let you know, this last weekend I shot your Precision Dead Center 240 grain bullet and sabot in my T/C Encore 209x50 Muzzleloader. I started with 100 grains and ended with 120 grains of Hodgden 777 powder. At 75 yards and up to 100 yards I was shooting 0.75 inch groups with this combination. I also had installed a spring kit from BellM to lighten the pull to approx. 2 lbs. Other than this the Encore is stock. Last season when I bought the gun I was shooting approx. 4-5 inch groups with the stock trigger pull and both weights of CVA Powerbelts. Since these groups were not really what I expected from this gun, I decided to change things for more accuracy. After reading your article on changes you made to a test 209X50 Encore, I became motivated to do the same thing. Hence the results I got! I am highly impressed with the quality and accuracy of your Dead Center bullets!!! What a great product you make. I only hope other hunters see the light and use your bullets for all their hunting needs!

Again, Thanks
Jack G. Ingle

Just a note - I shot a small buck (120 lbs dressed) two years ago that was just a little over 200 yds. The QT40 235 hit him directly in the heart. My buddy, who was looking through the binocs when I shot him, said it looked like a blood-filled water baloon broke out of the opposite side. He ran about 40 yds. When I opened him up his heart and the lower part of his lungs were gone. Sucked out of a hole about the size of a nickle. Awesome!

Thanks for making these bullets,


I waited 5 months for a TC Omega and when I got it last week I tried your Dead Center bullets in 200, 220 and 240 grains. At 100 yards I had a 3-shot group of 0.6" with the 240's using 100 grains Triple Seven FFFg (photo attached). I'd never seen a muzzleloader outshoot my centerfire rifle, so the next day I tried the same load at 50 yards and got a 0.4" group!
I'll be ordering more.

Don Stanford