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Dead Center Muzzleloading Bullets QT Muzzleloading Bullets
Extreme Elite Muzzleloader Bullets Keith Nose HP Muzzleloading Bullets
Silver Lightning Muzzleloading bullets

Muzzleloading Bullets

Dead Center Muzzleloading Bullets QT Muzzleloading Bullets
The Dead Center muzzleloading sabot bullet's higher ballistic coefficient equals higher downrange velocities which results in higher downrange kinetic energy.
QTs, an inexpensive way to add more range and accuracy to your muzzle loader experience. These blackpowder bullets are not getting the recognition they deserve.
Extreme Elite Muzzleloader Bullets Keith Nose HP Muzzleloading Bullets
The Extreme Elite's continuous ogive and rebated boat-tail enhance ballistic performance and put the Extreme Elite in a class all it's own.
Keith Nose. "Nothing walks away from a KEITH NOSE HP” is the most common comment from those who use this bullet.
Silver Lightning Muzzleloading bullets
Precision Rifle Silver Lightning Muzzleloader Bullets

Precision Rifle Black Powder Bullets

To order your own custom made Precision Rifle muzzleloader bullets choose a link below:

Dead Center Muzzleloader Bullets
QT Muzzleloader Bullets

Extreme Elite Muzzleloader Bullets
Keith Nose Muzzleloader Bullets
Silver Lightning Muzzleloader Bullets

Here are a few well known truths.

  • Not every black powder bullet will shoot great in your muzzleloader.
  • There exists a powder and charge for each muzzleloader bullet that will work best for your muzzleloader.
  • It is up to you to find that accurate combination of powder charge and black powder bullet.
  • Consistency, in every step, of loading and firing our muzzleloader aids accuracy.
Precision Rifle Bullets come in a wide variety of weights to match the various rates of twist in rifle barrels. The black powder hunter can purchase rifles with twists of 1-66",1-48", 1-38", 1-32", 1-28", 1-26", 1-24" and 1-20". Obviously, a bullet that is ideal for a 1-28" twist will not be stabilized well by a 1-48" twist and may not be optimum for a 1-24" twist. That is why Precision Rifle, offer bullets in several weights from 175 grains to 460 grains. Due to their unique design, all weights in a given model will expand to the same proportions but only one weight will give absolute accuracy in each specific rifle.

Your barrel's rate of twist will determine the ballistic co-efficiency of the bullet you should be using.

Click here to find out which Precision Rifle Muzzleloading bullet should shoot best in your black powder rifle?

All Precision Rifle muzzleloading bullets come in blister packs of 12 and each sabot-ed bullet is packed in its own space, separate from the others, to insure damage free shipping.