T/C Large Rifle Primer Breech Plug Conversion
Works with all powder, including Blackhorn 209! SAY GOODBYE TO FLYERS AND NASTY BLOWBACK! IMPROVE YOUR ACCURACY!

With the 209 there is much too much flame and fouling: 
Your rifle gets so dirty from the 209 primer that in some cases after several shots the firing pin will not even travel far enough to ignite the primer. I need to remove the butt stock and clean the entire action with brake clean and compressed air before it will work. This is the result of TOO MUCH FLAME trying to get through the small hole in the breech plug.

The 209 primer was designed for shotshells. The hole through the shotshell hull is almost .250" in size. The hole through the muzzleloader breech plug is .030". Where do you think that extra fouling will end up?

Too much energy:
I have no idea who started the 209 craze but I believe that it provides way more energy than is required to get the job done. Try this experiment for yourself. Take your ramrod with a jag and a clean damp patch, push it all the way down the barrel of your muzzleloader. Mark the ramrod where it meets the end of the barrel with a strip of masking tape. Put a 209 into the breach plug, close the gun, cock the hammer and pull the trigger. With our Encore, the ramrod will get blown 6"- 8" up the barrel with just the force of the 209. If we do the same experiment with a large rifle primer, the ramrod moves less than 1".

Replacing the 209 with a large rifle primer all but eliminates those unexplained flyers from our Encore groups. Personally, I believe these flyers were the result of the 209 actually lifting the sabot off the powder charge simultaneous with igniting the powder. The much milder Large Rifle primer ignites the powder just as instantly but lacks the energy to move the sabot and bullet off the powder charge therefore eliminating the flyers.

More fine tuning options:
Large rifle primers come in a variety of ranges and qualities. One can experiment with Standard, Magnum and Bench Rest to add one more variable to the mix.

Reduce the cost of shooting: 
Large Rifle primers cost up to 40% less than 209 primers. With that saving, the initial expense of the LARGE RIFLE PRIMER ADAPTER will be recovered in a very short time.


Large Rifle Priming Kit

This Large Rifle Priming Kit contains everything you will need to prime and de-prime your new Large Rifle Variflame Primer Adapters. Contains the new Lee Auto Prime, 1/16' pin punch and a #20 Lee Shell Case holder. These stainless steel adapters can be used over and over again,